The QB Room:

Nate Poppell & Bjorn Siggelkow

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The Quarterback Room 

The Quarterback Room podcast delivers insights, analysis, insider information, and discussion about the “signal callers”, one of the most talked about positions in the game: Quarterback.

Hosted by Sports1 Connection founder, Bill Webb, the QB Room delivers straight-forward, conversations with the people who know the position best.

Episode 9

The Popularity of American Football in Europe

In this episode of The Quarterback Room powered by Sports1 we talk about the popularity of American Football in Europe, specifically in Germany with Nate Poppell, General Manager and lead quarterback instructor for The Quarterback Ranch, and Bjorn Siggelkow, a veteran quarterbacks coach in Cologne, Germany.

What is the competition level like in Europe? How do club sports drive the game there?

What is the path like for an American athlete wanting to play in Europe and for a European player wanting to play in the U.S.?

All this and more in this episode of The Quarterback Room.

Nate Poppell

Head Quarterback Coach & GM
The Quarterback Ranch

Bjorn Siggelkow

Veteran Quarterback Coach
Cologne, Germany

The Quarterback Room

Nate Poppell & Bjorn Siggelkow | American Football in Europe

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Skylar Noble

Skylar Noble

Skylar Noble is a 2018 graduate of Birdville High School in North Richland Hills, TX. At Birdville, he was a multi-sport athlete who played quarterback in football. He also played Lacrosse and ran track He currently is a sophomore quarterback at Pomona Pitzer College, a Division III school, in Claremont, CA.

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Nate Poppell

Nate Poppell

Nate Poppell, the lead QB instructor and GM at The Quarterback Ranch, graduated from Spring High School in 2007, where he was a 3-sport letterman. He was an impact player at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

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