Mike Glaze
Head Football Coach, LD Bell High School
Hurst, TX

While understanding the full scope of playing quarterback can be very complicated, the mechanics of throwing a football are really quite simple. The goal of this video series is to show the basic principles and keys to proper passing technique. These basics apply regardless of level of play, age, strength, etc.

In this short instructional series, we look at four key areas:

1) 3 Keys to the Grip
2) Passing Mechanics
3) Pre-Pass Base
4) Spring-Out Basics

Following is an outline of the key elements in each video:

1.  3 Keys to the Grip

a. Finger position

b. Pocket space in the palm

c. Grip pressure

2. Passing Mechanics

a. Push back to form the proper L position
b. Lead with the elbow
c. Reach and snap the wrist
d. Finish with thumb down and pose

3. Pre-Pass Base

a. Feet slightly wider than shoulder width
b. Slight flex in the knee
c. Chest up
d. Ball position – Thumbs level with collar bone

4) Sprint-Out Mechanics

a. Depth in first three steps
b. Get downhill
c. Should turned to target
d. Chase the throw

No matter what level of play, working on these fundamentals will make you a better quarterback and specifically a better passer. It is especially important to develop great habits as a young quarterback.

The older you get, the more ingrained the mechanical habits become. So, it is critical to develop good habits early and then be able to build additional and more complicated skills on top of the basic mechanics.

Good luck and have fun!

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